1. The Complex Domain of Cyberspace
    Cyber Warfare in the 20th and 21st Centuries
    Cyber Espionage
    Cyber Crime
    Future Threats
    Increasing Awareness

2. Counter-Surveillance Measures in Place
The Foundation for Effective Politics’ War on the Net (Day One) 17
Operation Cast Lead
Overview of Perpetrators
Hackers’ Profiles
Methods of Attack

3. The Law of Armed Conflict
Is This an Act of Cyber Warfare?
Cyber: The Chaotic Domain

4. The Legal Dilemma
The Road Ahead: A Proposal to Use Active Defenses
The Law of War
General Prohibition on the Use of Force
Cross-Border Operations
Analyzing Cyber Attacks under Jus ad Bellum
Cyber Attacks as Armed Attacks
Establishing State Responsibility for Cyber Attacks

5. A New Threat Landscape Malware Discussions
Twitter as DDoS Command Post against Iran
Social Engineering
Channel Consolidation
An Adversary’s Look at LinkedIn
Malware for Hire
Anti-Virus Software Cannot Protect You
Targeted Attacks Against Military Brass and Government Executives

6. Anarchist Clusters: Anonymous, LulzSec, and the Anti-Sec Movement
Social Networks: The Geopolitical Strategy of Russian Investment in
Social Media
2005: A Turning Point
DST and the Kremlin
The Facebook Revolution
Globalization: How to Bypass US Monitoring by Partnering with

7. Contemporary Issues

Each topic is covered in a two-hour meeting for a total of 14 hours