• Pen Test to Avoid a Mess
    Intelligently manage vulnerabilities through penetration testing.
  • You can proactively identify the most exploitable vulnerabilities and eliminate false positives. This allows your organization to prioritize remediation efforts, apply needed security patches, and efficiently allocate security resources.
  • Avoid the cost of network downtime.
  • Recovering from a security breach can cost your organization big time–customer protection and retention, legal activities, discouraged business partners, lowered employee productivity, and reduced revenue–just to name a few pitfalls. Pen testing helps you avoid these financial drawbacks by identifying and addressing risks before attacks or security breaches occur. Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines.
  • Penetration testing helps organizations address regulatory requirements such as PCIDSS. This can be a formidable task requiring a combination of resources, time, and a little bit of planning. Detailed reports showing test results and validating remediation efforts can help you avoid significant fines for non-compliance and allow you to illustrate ongoing due diligence to assessors.
  • Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty. Even a single incident of compromised customer data can be costly in terms of lost revenue and a tarnished brand image. With customer retention costs higher than ever, no one wants to lose the loyal users that they’ve worked hard to earn, and data breaches are likely to impact new business efforts.
  • Penetration testing helps you dodge these avoidable incidents that put your organization’s reputation and trustworthiness at stake.
  • A pen test can be broadly carried out by following a six-phase methodology:
    1. Planning and Preparation,
    2. Discovery,
    3. Penetration Attempt,
    4. Analysis and Reporting,
    5. Clean Up, and
    6. Finally Remediation

Each topic is covered in one two-hour meeting for a total of 16 hours.