The International Journal of Computer Science and Communication Security (IJCSCS) is a peer-reviewed technical journal. The journal publishes original articles contributing to the advancement of theoretical results in all areas of Computer Science, Communication Networks and Information Security. IJCSCS applies an open access publication model. All readers are able to freely access the journal online without the need for any subscription or download charges. IJCSCS has recently intro-duced the IJCSCS Knowledge Centers for training institute serving the needs of clients in Malaysia and worldwide.

Great Wall Information Security (GWiS) is the division of the IT Se-curity of IJCSCS; a leading commu-nication security company. Our main activities are the provision of data and communication security services and other interconnected IT services. We are a leading communication security consultant, providing services for small and medium size enterprises and the public sector. Globally, we supply managed IT services to multinational corpora-tions, domestic businesses, national and local government organizations. We use our patent-ed state-of-the art encryption algorithms to secure customer’s sensitive data. is the ser-vice offered by IJCSCS: We are the publisher of more 2000 books in audio MP3 format for listening books rather than reading them.

Video Tutorials by Prof. Magdy Saeb