Information Technology

Our technical IT Training surely will help update your skill level and knowledge base. With the developed new skills, you will be able to add value to your organization. It will help you prepare for a new and more challenging role in your company.


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Continuing Education Courses

Courses in  various areas to improve your competency level in the job market. Each course is designed with a particular audience in mind. It will prepare organization executives meet the changing demands of the global digital economy.

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Executive Management Courses

Executive management courses to help your staff  increase their productivity and achieve company goals. Our courses most benefit individuals who have the following goals:

  • Desire to develop new skills
  • Add value to their companies,
  • Update their skill levels,
  • Take the opportunity to network,
  • Prepare for a new role.
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IJCSCS Knowledge Center programs combine leading thought leadership with best practices and solid frameworks. Participants leave with new learning and insights they can immediately apply  to their challenges at work, thus contributing to the overall effectiveness of their organizations. It is a platform for all community to continue learning to achieve the next level in life.

We believe knowledge is power, that will improve your quality of life.


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A new way of reading books.

Let your ears do the work!


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